Review : The Light Show – Would You Rather Be Mine?

Starting straight out with the title track, Would You Rather Be Mine?, it’s fast paced and very British rock nroller thats loud and proud. The vocals are slightly reminiscent of Kasabian, and some thumping guitar bass and drums carry it through. Every element in the song is blended well and works in sync with each other rather than branching out to stand on their own. With a fun crunchy guitar solo to round out, Would You Rather Be Mine?is just cranking it straight to 11.

Maria From Sevillais in the same vein as the opener, keep up the sprint for the finish with only seconds of downtime from the previous song finishing. With a similar thumping style, Maria From Sevillakeeps up the style but lets a little more of that lead guitar in there. With a lot more crunchy riffs thrown in its a great head banging follow up to continue the romp through the EP.


The third track, Romance Abductor, ushers in a slower pace and more melancholy approach. With a drum beating like a heart and acoustic guitar faintly ringing out in the background. Romance Abductornever sacrifices the attitude that The Light Show bring to their music, theres no soft spoken vocals to be heard here. Instead they keep the same indie rock vocals thats familiar but not identical to any other band out there. Its nice to have a slower song, not just to break up what would have been three straight fast paced assaults.

The track is by no means quiet either, bringing the brash and tongue in cheek vocals along with some heavier licks from the guitar.


Rounding out the EP is Disaster, another thumper with some cheeky boisterousness that The Light Show excels at. A deep and prominent bass line carries the song with two twanging guitars to accompany it. Once again its similar to Would You Rather Be Mine?and Maria From Sevilla, but it never sounds like its retreading old ground, bringing more fresh guitar riffs and flourishes to keep things interesting.

All being said and done The Light Shows new EP is a fast and fun romp with a distinct British attitude to it. Throw in plenty of musical talent and some very fun, tongue in cheek lyrics and youve got a crowd pleaser thats sure to liven up anyones day.

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