Review : The Rocket – Chain Reaction

Synth-driven pop-punk fun. The Rockets new debut single ‘’Chain Reaction’’ is a deceitfully cheerful melody backed by juxtaposing lyrics.

The quintet through harnessing reinvigorated energy and their cutthroat ambition have created an infectious tune. With similarities to early Blink-182, the peppy tune although jaunty is layered with heartbreak and negative love. The way a relationship can go wrong and turn on its head is explored throughout the track.

The consequences of how one bad action has a domino effect on the relationship are shown throughout the track. The Rocket highlight how promiscuity numbs any emotions you have for a partner once you’ve found out. As the dynamics of the relationship change, thoughts such as: ’’It’s so hard to pretend you are needed, but I still want you by my side’’ circulate through your mind.

The want to move on ever presents but the desire to fully let go is all too much.

Memories of ‘’all those sleepless nights in bed’’ become tainted and as the pace increases the thoughts on the relationship change. The faster tempo reflects the sudden realisation that the relationship isn’t wanted. The swift key change symbolises the sudden change in thought. The build-up of mixed emotions and cheating has created a chain reaction leading to love loss.

The acceptance that the relationship can’t be revived. All the answering of questions and want to make it right can’t change what has happened. At this point, the chords simplify and mellow down, before exploding to finish the track off.

From start to finish the track is expeditiously loud and brass. High octane melodies provide a backdrop to a more potent message on adultery. If you’ve ever been the recipient of a broken heart, check out this song.

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