Review : The Roques – Day by Day.

Some say guitar music has had its day, others say it’s just one of those styles that will never fade away. After listening to ‘Day by Day,’ the latest track from Dundee rockers The Roques, I’m with the latter.

It’s got a kick to it, however this style has been played with before. It’s exciting, dirty, and it gives you the kind of vibe that you can only get from something as tremendous as proper rocknroll.

The rawness of the song comes across in the grungy rhythm guitar/bass combo, carried by the well-disciplined performance on the drums. It’s like you’re in the same room as the band, and that’s the feeling you should get from proper, down and dirty guitar music like this. You feel like your ears should be ringing when the song finishes, like you should suddenly get hit in the head by a projectile plastic-pint-pot in the sweat of the crowd.

I love the vibe, it never gets old to me. No matter how many new sounds come on the scene, there’s no beating the rawness of proper rocknroll music.

The vocals remain clean cut, disciplined and have a great sound throughout the tune, yet still keep with the rawness that’s so great about this song.

It seems, no matter how long it’s deemed to be in the grave, rocknroll keeps digging itself back out through the massive force of newly emerging bands such as these guys, and this tune tells me there’s fight in it yet.


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