Review : The Rosadocs ‘No 54’

No.54 is an ode to a messy night. The Rosadocs through their melodic indie track have immortalised an average night out on the town through their new EP. The depiction of alcohol, gambling and unified group mentality all combine to create a fun track which most teenagers can relate to. With recognisable similarities to the laid-back attitude of the Libertines mixed in with the colloquial appeal of the old Arctic Monkeys and the chit chat tone of Jamie T, the Rosadocs have managed to produce something which is charming because of its relatability.


The song follows the chronological order of how a night develops disastrously. Every night starts with a journey and the use of trains and mega riders show the youthful side and playful nature of the track. This combined with the bouncy three toned beats almost mimics the stumbling pace a drunk may walk. As the rhythm guides you along the song reaches the chorus. To me this is a chant with a harmonious rabble of likely lads telling their mate to stop being so serious, ‘’shut up moaning’’ and to enjoy what the night entails. This laree melody produces the essence of a group night out through the unify voice telling the individual to be carefree and let go of the preconceived thoughts about social class and how they are perceived.

In the end were all a mess after a night out and this song highlights how we all end up progressing towards a disastrously fun adventure. Eventually we all end up with walking home, but we don’t quite want the night to end. Even if we have ‘’right sore’’ heads, we all still try to cling on to having a good night not wanting it to end. With quick dashes to retain the level of drunkenness cheap liquor is always helps. ‘’Cherry Sourz’’ is referenced with the song.

The sickly-sweet substance is a metaphor how a night can be amazing then turn sour by the end. When it comes to a point in the night when you know it’s got too much in theory, we should quit, but the band highlight how we all just can’t say no to an appropriate time. A lack of self-control is shown and the social problems of addiction and binging are confronted. The repetitive nature of this behaviour is shown within the line ‘’I tell myself I’ll never do it again, but I know I’ll see the same road next weekend” and the repetitive guitar strummed chords.

For an indie track full of playful wit, a spoken word tone and springy beat the Rosadocs No54 is for you. With a hidden message laying underneath the at first seemingly light-hearted piece the track has depth. Whilst critiquing society the song entertains through its energetic pass and joyful chords.

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