Review : The Seamonsters ‘Wonderland’

THE SEAMONSTERS are a band that we’ve all been aware of for a while. With their constant high-profile gigs over Sheffield in the last year or two it would have been hard to not have heard of them or seen them live. I’ve seen them live twice(?), and I didn’t particularly enjoy the shows, their music wasn’t something I enjoyed and I found the entire act to be a little forced, almost as if through fake smiles. The same can be said for their releases, I’ve always found the ‘songs’ to be lacking in ideas or originality, and I’ve never really seen the point. With their new track “WONDERLAND” being released, my perceptions are slightly altered, as The Seamonsters seem to have moved from vacuous noodles to properly arranged and functional jams.

Although a lot of the instrumentals struggle with their execution and competence, the general premise and idea behind the tense and eerie adventure song strikes me well. I will not lie for the sake of it, but in the past, I have physically cringed at Seamonster songs, but “WONDERLAND” is certainly the best track they’ve done in my opinion.

It’s moody, it drips with angst whilst dealing with a profuse edgy grip on pop-culture. This is the first song where singer Naomi has done an excellent job at stretching her voice and provided us voyeurs with a catchy vocal melody which isn’t simply a simple a lyric sung at one note for above 3 minutes, but vocals which complement and dance with the music, rather than being a blunt object striking at the songs until all that’s left is a rotten pulp. “WONDERLAND”, I hope, is a testament to the song-writing abilities of the band, and although it isn’t a ground-breaking track, it has nevertheless made me curious about the direction in which the Seamonsters are going, whereas before I have been completely nonchalant without a care about what the band do or where they go.

I have had my criticisms of this band in the past. I have never formally written about them, but anyone who knows me has probably heard my ribbings and badinage about this band, and would probably expect this review to be nothing apart from callous remarks mixed into some digs about why the song is shit. However, “WONDERLAND” has impressed me, as far as grabbing my interest and giving me a loose yearning to be interested in the band as a unit moving forward. I definitely recommend checking out the track, if not to see for yourself the potential this band have to move in a creatively fulfilling direction.