Review : The Shrives – Crash Me

Alt-rock outfit The Shrives have enjoyed a meteoric rise within the last 18 months. The band brought out their debut album Back in the Morrow last year with the album having been produced by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. From there, the Shrives brought out ‘Money-Maker’ in March to great critical success. It seems as though the sky is the limit for the Nottingham lads as their new single Crash me further cements their status as one of the hottest rising bands in the UK.

Although Crash does not quite reach the heights of Money Maker, the track reflects the band’s rise in popularity over the last year. The track sees The Shrives strip away part of their punk aesthetic but in doing so, they are able to demonstrate their pop credentials.

In this respect, the track has more in common with stadium-rock titans like Oasis and U2 than anything punk. The move may seem a step backwards, or the band selling out on what has got them this far. However, the move feels very much like a statement of intent from The Shrives, expressing their desire to make the next step up the ladder of British guitar music.

I’m sceptical as to how long The Shrives will be able to sustain the level of buzz surrounding them at the moment but on the whole Crash me seems a step in the right direction.

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