Review : The Silverfish ‘Just Drift Back’

I love the way this song kicks in. The slow guitar-playing sets a relaxing at sunset type of vibe and it’s pleasant change to hear a chilled start to a song rather than the way some bands just smash everything together at once. But The Silverfish cleverly create a gradual intro which flows into the song like a river.

The instruments kick in a little louder as the verses go on, with a crescendo-like build up which ends with a head-banging drum fill as the chorus begins. Here, the vocals get louder for a chorus which I can imagine to be an uplifting, excitable experience to see live.

The strong prevalence of the Sheffield accent in this tune is reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys, which is always a pleasant hint of uniqueness, and an especially warming thing for fellow Sheffielders to hear.

What adds even more uniqueness is the staggeringly impressive vocal range of the singer, who showcases his deep voice in the verses, but in the chorus, we hear the surprising sound of a falsetto, done in the most floaty, elegant way. Wow. It’s kind of like a rollercoaster listening to this voice actually, because he comes out with another slightly different sound in the second verse, which is more gravely and almost menacing, with a hint of quirkiness.

My favourite feature of the verses though, would have to be the sound of a piano being played in a hard-hitting, punchy manner, which compliments the vocals extremely well and the fast way in which the lyrics are sang.
This is a tune which is just undeniably cool. Sometimes ‘cool’ is a loose word to use but this is the epitome of authentic coolness from these Sheffielders. It’s different. It’s memorable. It’s cool.

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