Review : The Voques ‘Easier Said Than Done’

Smooth, sweet, melancholy goodness. The Voques single Easier Said Than Done is pure 80’s Britpop.

We have here a classic case of your standard song, verse into chorus into verse. But this layout feels just fine, as the Voques give off a relaxing vibe with this little number.

Synth, muted drums, and high strums on the guitars make this song feel like something from a slice of life TV show. I could almost see this playing in the background of This Is England or even Misfits. It definitely feels like that one song that catches you and you think, ‘Oh what’s that? I’m sure I’ve heard it before’.

The Lincolnshire based 4-piece are certainly going to turn some heads with this beauty, it’s just got that feeling of a song that everyone can dance to. The little guitar flourishes, combined with the synth, adds some wonderful texture and gives it attitude. Whilst the strong Lincolnshire accent in the vocals gives it that Britpop flavour.
All in all a nice treat for the ears, give it a listen if you like your 80’s nostalgia. Had me smiling ear to ear the whole time, loving it.

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