Review : The Winachi Tribe – Transition

The Winachi Tribe truly have one of the most unique and daring sounds of any band on the current British Northern independent scene. With influences from acid house, funk and electronica, its easy to see how their recent releases have been so successful, as well as their live performances in California and support slots with the Happy Mondays and The Sugar Hill Gang.

Their newest single, Transition, builds on what has come before whilst still keeping the solid musicianship and slick production that makes their song so enjoyable to listen to. The Winachi Tribe really throw it back to the 1990s on this track, blending together funky drum beats and fantastic tremolo synth lines in a combination that wouldnt be out of place on a Primal Scream or New Order record.

But its not all nostalgia here. The track avoids getting trapped in homage or pastiche of what came before; it sounds fresh and still relevant for the context of its production. Though not necessarily a pop song, the vocals on this track give it a mainstream appeal, sounding vivid and vibrant with both the repetition and variation of the lyrics.

The Winachi Tribe manage to flourish in a style of their own making, and create music that entertains with no compromises. If, like me, you have become tired of the landfill indie bandthen you will also find The Winachi Tribe to be a breath of fresh air, and with a UK tour later in 2018, it wont be long until more people get on board.

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