Review : Third Lung ‘Breaking Late’

A bombastic rock track from Reading band ‘Third Lung’, shows how they have excelled with their first single, ‘Breaking Late’, and EP of the same name.

Clearly influenced by Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin, the band tackle classic rock and metal confidently and make it their own with a “modern melodic edge”.

With driving riffs and strong dynamics between the loud and quiet – the single really does shine.

There are moments on Breaking Late, especially in the falsetto driven chorus, that reminded me of The Darkness – another metal band who have recently had a bit of a resurgence.

Unlike The Darkness however, Third Lung seem to slightly lack the fun and theatrical element that makes classic rock, power rock and hair metal so entertaining.

There has always been tongue-in-cheek excess and silliness with these bands – I mean, take a look at Kiss. Not to detract from their musical output, but with the makeup, outfits and on-stage manner it must have been hard to take them seriously.

Like an inside joke that everyone was in on, the theatrics became iconic and lead to great success for Kiss through the 70s and early 80s.

It is even the case for heavier bands such as Iron Maiden. Songs called The Number of the Beast may create an impression of a devil worshipping riff raff, but in reality it’s all a performance – right down to their cartoon zombie-skeleton mascot, Eddie the Head.

I liked the track, it meshes rock and metal nicely. But it would have been really great to hear Third Lung inject more of their own personality, and some fun into the song.

After a while it does become taxing to listen to bands where acting moody and wearing black are substitutes for charm.

Third Lung are in grave danger of taking themselves too seriously.

But all in all, a great track for rock/glam/metal fans.

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