Review : Tom Marlow – Shaken

Shaken provides a well produced electro-synth pop song and fills out the run time with a straightforward beat.

Whilst Shaken has some great production, with some excellent electro styling of rising and falling synth, backed by a muted drum beat, the song itself feels by the numbers and unimaginative.  The tune is a basic mix of beat and synth as I mentioned before, add in some chiming sounds and a fairly standard build to a beat drop.


It feels very much like someone testing the waters of their musical style, choosing to play it safe rather than branch out into anything eye catching. Not much can be said about the backing track beyond that, if youve ever heard an electro soundtrack to a film, or have ever listened to some classic Daft Punk then you get the basic gist of whats going on.

Matt Henshaw brings a lovely voice to the track, displaying a smooth and classy tone with his voice. But as good as his voice is, and its excellent, it doesnt make up for the lack of lyrical imagination. The lyrics amount to mostly being the same line about being shaken inside. Catchy, absolutely, but you need more than just a catchy chorus to hold up a song. Whilst some vocal editing and distortion does break it up just the slightest, it doesnt do a thing to help the track due to the fact that Matt Henshaws voice is fine and needs no distortion.

All in all Shaken comes off as unimaginative and bland, with nothing to offer on repeated listens.

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