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Well, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve been very quiet lately. I’ve just finished moving into my new house ready for my second year at university, but, I’m ready to start writing about some more great local music.

It’s a fairly nice day today, which is nice because it’s been really shit weather lately, so, I thought I’d sit down, listen and review the brand-new single from Twist Helix.

The song starts with a nice arpeggiated synthesizer and some really beautiful female vocal harmonics, the combination really grabbed my attention from the first second. The powerful drums then come in with another very catchy synth sound and a heavily distorted bassline, one thing that I instantly noticed was how well captured and mixed the song was, I don’t know who produced the track for the band, but it’s very well produced.


The whole style of the song is very different from a lot of things that we get sent to review and I have to admit that I’m glad that the band decided to send this in because it’s not only very refreshing compared to the number of indie bands we receive music from but it’s also an absolute banger.

The song has some really cool parts, it’s not your typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus song. I personally love the style of the vocals and synth sounds used. The vocals give the song so much emotion and really set the atmosphere for the song.

Honestly, I highly recommend listening to the track, it’s refreshing, sounds great and I know you will LOVE it. I honestly can’t wait to hear new music from the band.
Normally I’d write a section in the article on how I think the band can improve, but honestly, there’s nothing I can say for this band. I know for a fact that by the end of 2017 this band will be dominating the UK music scene. Big thing’s on the way for this band.

Twist Helix are playing West Street Live, Sheffield, August 13th so make sure you get down and check them out.

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