Review : Van Der Neer – Everybody Knows

With a catchy hook, progressive lead guitar and grunge influence, the fresh 2018 single from York based quartet Van Der Neer, ‘Everybody Knows,’ definitely takes a lot from the past few decades, mixing this influence into something new and interesting.

The piece is very 2018 rock, it fits in to the wave we’re seeing at the moment at the height of the alternative scene.

As someone who is by no means a self proclaimed fan of the ‘rock’ scene, I was surprised to find that the hook from the tune, this being the chanting of the words ‘everybody knows,’ was stuck in my head throughout the rest of the day. No matter if the style of the music appeals to you or not, that’s always a brilliant sign.

The raw sound of the song could be compared to artists such as Foo Fighters, that sort of garage vibe that we tend to lose to heavy production in a lot of tunes today. I’ve always been a fan of that, I think it gives the song some character and in this case it works well.

I think that the song would have benefited from a highly contrasting section, be it an unexpected break or more hefty middle eight section. I think that this would throw the listener a little bit more, add a little more of an unpredictable feel to the piece.

I do not, however, think that this lessens the credibility of the song at all. It’s punchy, inspired, and makes Van Der Neer ones to watch out for in the alternative rock scene this year.

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