Review : We Three Kings – The Barrel

Manchester three-piece We Three Kings have just released their second EP, and from it comes The Barrel, a single which will surely grab listeners’ attention from the first few notes. The heavy-blues trio have not strayed very far at all from their signature sound, evident from the initial pounding drums and chugging blues riff that stays a constant throughout the whole track.

This initial start seems promising, but the vocals may be polarizing; those not used to the genre may find them to be jarring and lacking much control, whilst fans of classic rock will appreciate the obvious nod to iconic bands such as Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC.


The Barrel is a very repetitive song, with little deviation lyrically or musically; live, this may translate very well, but for listening to a studio version it can get slightly tiresome.

With this aside, We Three Kings are undeniably paying homage to a genre of rock music not frequently replicated; classic and blue rock seems largely neglected, aside from bands like Royal Blood or Greta Van Fleet. With The Barrel, We Three Kings are filling an oft-neglected gap in the music industry, a fact many listeners will appreciate.

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