Review : White of the Waves ‘There are no Words’

Instrumental music, is usually deemed as background sound. That tune which is there instead of white noise and placed in an elevator to fill the awkward silences. This genre is far too often overlooked and we should once in while notice the beauty in it. An instrumental should be appreciated as a musical composition and White of the Waves have bared to the world an amalgamation of free flowing and individual songs to be listened to through his EP debut ‘There are no Words’.

‘There are no Words’ is a collection of experimental sounds and beats set to create set atmospheres and certain moods. With simultaneously free flowing tracks, White of the Waves has created the rhythms which allow its audience to dance, reflect and feel at one with what they are listening to. Each song is filled with depth through instrument placement. Light and shade are provided through each amalgamation of instruments and tunes. Some elements come in light flicks fluttering through while others provide a heavy raw edge. The coming together of contrasting sounds in turn complement each other well.


With the capability of drawing you in through encapsulating pairings, each song individually takes hold of your imagination, eliciting a sense of escapism from reality. With cool tones being heightened by mellow guitars that become more irate. White of Waves has produced tracks which intrinsically haunt and delight through complicated melodies winding and stripping down to simplistic chords. Appreciation for the complexity behind the choreography of each select note and sound should be given. The creative process behind creating a unity between each song is certainly impressive. Singularly each song is strong, but collectively as a continuing melody they intrigue.

For those of you which usually perceives instrumental music as waiting on hold whilst a cold caller rings or being put on hold awaken yourselves to the different genre. It may have no vocals, but the depth created is a spectacle to behold.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. White of the Waves

    August 9, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Thank you Georgia & Reyt Good Music! Thank you for writing such kind words about ‘There are no Words’, really appreciate your support. You guys are awesome!

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