Review : Women You Stole – Excuse my French

Woman You Stole’s debut single ‘Excuse My French’ is a very strong start for the band. Energetic, wordy and incredibly catchy, the track draws on a wide array of influences with some added panache from across the channel.

Excuse My French’ is a winding tale of lust and delicately balances elements of pop, rock, folk, punk to create a tune that you can’t help but move to. The Manchester three-piece effortlessly conjure up the French imagery they set out for; you really do feel like you’ve walked into the dressing room at the cabaret and seen something you probably shouldn’t have.


The verses are played and sung in a bit of a hushed tone, in keeping with the idea of something sordid going on. In contrast, the choruses are punchy, powerful and ideal to sing along to.

The track really comes into its own towards the end as it builds back up following a slice of French spoken word, eventually reaching a wild crescendo. The band show an expert control over their song structure, knowing exactly when to keep it tight and composed and when to really let loose.


It may only be one song into their career, but Woman You Stole have already shown some very impressive traits, and if they can continue to write songs with the energy and wit of ‘Excuse My French’, they’ll do pretty well.