Review : Worthless Motivation – Save Us

Sheffield-based alternative/punk outfit Worthless Motivation show promise from their debut EP Save Us, but they need to add more depth before they hit the big time.

The track starts with a fast-paced strum of the bass and guitar with the drums following suite – reminds me of a late 90’s/early 00’s Green Day-type song. This then flows into the verse which, again, is a high-paced, aggressive tune.

The lyrics discuss the inevitable destruction of this planet due to the decisions and behaviours of world leaders…relatable. They’re actually pretty good lyrics in the verse – enough to get you pumped up anyway. Unlike most other punk songs I’ve listened to, I can actually make out the lyrics in this song. It’s quite a pleasant listen, but I think if they really want to hit the criteria of punk rock, they need to add more aggression in the pronunciation of the lyrics.

To be fair to them, they don’t solely identify as a punk rock band – however- with the topic of their song being about them despising the way the world is, you’d expect blood, sweat and tears from the singer. I want him to channel his rage through the words he sings.

The chorus is where the song is slightly let down. The chorus needs to be the flagship point of your song; however, this chorus feels quite cringey. I just can’t imagine singing it out loud. I feel the pre-chorus would’ve worked better and that they should stick to a short, low-key chorus.

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