RGM Introducing – By Devices

Here at RGM Introducing we love nothing better than meeting and getting to know new bands, here is our interview with By Devices.

Hiya lads so what’s the music scene like around your end?

It’s having a massive resurgence with the likes of Riscas, Ivory Wave, City Lightz, pagans, methods and us of course and loads more, more than we know about. We were in it for a long time a few years ago then had a break and when we came back there just seemed to be this huge scene growing and now it’s awesome to be a part of #madlands #btown.

How did the band get together?

Ced (vocals) and Matt (guitar and vocals) were the original 2, and Ced robbed Matt from another band. Jim (guitars) was adopted (a friend of ours introduced him to us), they all kidnapped Dave (bass and vocals) from another band and we quite literally found Rob (drums) walking down the street. Our ex keys player went to college with him and some years later happened to drive past him while he was walking home, asked him if he still played and the rest as they say is history.

Which band member is the biggest pain in the arse? And Why?

Secretly, and sometimes publicly I think they would all say me (Rob) we would say though we probably all share the pain in the arse award on any given day. Rob (excitable/impatient), Ced (cynical and never serious when needed), Dave (Fame hungry), Matt (always plays his guitar at volume 11 even when we’re talking) Jimmy (never gets angry about anything, quote “I’m easy”) genuinely we are all so passionate about what we do that you’re always going to be a pain in the arse now and again about something, we just love this band and believe in what we do and that inevitably leads to butting heads now and again.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

We have a lot of banter on stage between each other and with the audience no matter how big or small but most fun experience was at a place called Jug of Ale in Birmingham, its unfortunately not around anymore. There were so many people there that people were outside watching in through the windows, small venue with the audience right in front of you, no separation, our folks turned up too and Ced looked up over a crowded room to see his mom dancing on a table. Never forget nights like that when the whole room is buzzing and the only place left to dance is on a table.

What was the worst experience on stage?

Worst experience I think we can all agree on is a gig we had supporting Corner Shop at the bar academy 2, crammed down one side of the stage, no soundcheck as they took up all the available time, we were totally the wrong support for them. Ced had to watch as audience members put there hands over their ears as they hadn’t heard anything louder than Corner Shop and we are definitely heavier than Corner Shop. The gig ended and Rob n Ced argued so much about how shit the gig was at the side of the stage that Corner Shop had to go on stage via the audience and Ced nearly resorted to punching Rob (well deserved probably). We’ve all had little moments, Ceds worst experience was playing Bar Academy so hammered he didn’t hit one right note….. Rob had a similar time at the Actress and Bishop where he got so hammered he didn’t play a single song with the right drum beat, even playing beats for different songs Vodka was a baaaad choice!! Needless to say we limit ourselves these days to just a couple of beers before we go on stage. But all in all they were experiences that we’ve learnt from.

What drives you as a band?

I think what drives us is to create good songs, that people young and old can appreciate, we work hard to stick to what we enjoy which generally means, creating songs around 150bpm that, people refer to as bangers, we have tried to write slower, more sing-along tracks, and while we do believe we write tracks full of hooks that people can get into we’re just not a lovey-dovey band writing about heartache or at least not traditionally, so long story short what drives us is creating songs that we enjoy just as much as an audience might without compromising ourselves.

There’s usually one band member that’s the main organiser, which one is it? 

Rob……. Control Freak…. That really is all that needs to be said.

If you could delete one band from the history of the Universe, who would it be & why? 

Deleting from history might be a bit extreme cause like with everything, everyone has their own taste, though I think Ced would do this band in a heartbeat… UB40, just never got the vibe, and the lead singers voice does our head in, but again each to their own we don’t want to start a dis track war with Ali Campbell.

If you could go back to the very moment you learnt your instruments, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Singer would get some earplugs to prevent getting pissed off with Matt at volume 11 all the time, Matt would try not to get so into getting the “right” sound out of his peddles, Dave would’ve bought a Ricky sooner, Rob would probably spent a bit longer practising and Jimmy is easy, we don’t call him Jimmy the fingers Kent for nothing…

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most? 

Right now what’s pissing Ced off is over-dependence on mobile phones and the growing inability to communicate normally to each other. Generally, because he can’t use it and hates that while I’m (Rob) sorting out all these reviews and radio play etc via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and good old fashioned emails, the only way I can update the band being that I live miles away from them is over WhatsApp and it drives him up the wall Ced likes to have a conversation, Matt doesn’t even respond anymore, Dave likes to text and chip into twitter now and again and Jimmy is… Easy. Though credit where credits due with Jimmy, anything website-related or artwork etc is down to him, I do the promo videos but if there is anything the band can’t do, including setting up the sound desk, Jimmy is all over it. I’m sure there are more things that piss us off like warm beer, cold takeaway, kids these days, brexit, who really cares about what’s happening on love Island, and any other mind-numbing reality show, but we’d need the whole magazine for a proper answer to that question.

Tell me about your last single Glad you called and how it came about?

Glad you called is about turning points in life, sliding doors……. The pondering of the question “what could have been if……”.      If can seem like a massive word in retrospect. 

The writing of it came about the same way most of our songs come about, someone turns up to practice with a riff, or a beat or a vocal line and we just keep working through till it turns into something we love then we head to Magic Garden Studios like we did with our previous single and the magicians there help us to make it sound how we all thought it did in our heads. We truly believe this is our best song yet and has the potential, given the right coverage to help take us to the next level, whatever that is. 

What’s coming up in 2020 for the band? 

It’s still early days in relative terms for the band, we only started doing it at this kinda level last February so we’re still building. Since announcing our new single on the second of Jan we’ve been on various radio stations pretty much every night and have had several pretty good reviews, some of which saying 2020 is gonna be our year, so not a bad start to the year but there’s a lot of hard work ahead of us if we really want to turn this into something real. 

Our end goal for this year is to try and get some national radio play and a couple of festivals, that would be amazing, we’ve always wanted a festival as we think our music would be perfect for it. In terms of dates so far, we are at The Victoria in Birmingham on the 6th of March and doing something called Kingmaker festival on the 25th of April with some awesome bands at a new venue called the grey lantern in Birmingham as well we love playing live but like with anything it can get disheartening when you see people following you, liking stuff you put out but then only play to 15 people at a gig so we’re still trying to build an actual following of fans at gigs, which is why we love doing things like this, it’s a chance for people to get to know us and to do something that we can look back on when it all comes to an end. Other things in the pipeline are a potential EP, we’re currently writing some new material, then onto world domination and a few haircuts.