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RGM Introducing – Holly Lovelady

Hiya Holly, thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to become an artist?

From a young age I always wanted to sing and tell stories so I think that’s always been in me. My grandad is an exceptional singer so he has always inspired me.

What have you been doing during lock down?

MUSIC! Every day I do something to do with music, writing a new song, playing the piano, recording a new home video, recording in the studio. I’ve been a busy bee during lockdown but I like being like that.

How has it effected your mental health?

I feel that for me lockdown has been kind to my mind. I’ve had time to rest and focus on the things I’ve always wanted to do and it’s given me a break from outside stress.

So tell me a little bit about you and what you like doing for fun?

I love the Lake District! When I’m free I go up there and walk or go for a swim in Lake Windermere with friends. I love to surf as well but haven’t been able to do much of that this year unfortunately. 

I definitely miss going out at 11pm and hanging out till all hours in some hip music bar filled with all kinds of interesting arty people listening to the newest band on the block, those nights are so much fun! But sitting at home on my own with the music on has got to be my favourite thing to do haha

How do you think the government have looked after the night time economy / live gig circuit?

It’s a tough one really; I feel that I don’t know enough to really give a good opinion on it all. It’s really hit the live music scene hard, it’s crippled it really. Online concerts have been good but it isn’t the same as performing to a live audience. Some venues have re-opened with COVID guidelines in place and that’s cool but still just isn’t the same? It will come back again better than ever I’m sure of it! 

Whats one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?

Is Lovelady my real surname? YES IT IS!

What good artists are coming out of Liverpool at the minute? 

I’m loving Pixey right now her vibes are so cool and a folk singer called Sophie Morgan I think her lyrics are beautiful.   

What support is out there for new artists in Liverpool?

You have to go looking and really put some hard work in to get your own support network for music in Liverpool. A lot of online press and magazine companies based in Liverpool love new artists and are happy to work with them as are the local radio stations. I do find Liverpool is a tough place to make it in the music industry because of all the other incredible artists and bands that have come out of the city.  

Who is inspiring you at the minute?

I think what Pixey is doing right now is so inspiring! She can play so many different instruments and she is a great producer just her whole vibe and sound I love. A cool Gal!

What useless talent do you have/ party trick? 

I can do a good Alvin and the Chipmunks Impression but if someone tries to make me do it at a party ill disappear haha 

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I loved performing at the Philharmonic but it’s got to be the last gig I done before lockdown. It was a couple of nights before my 21st Birthday and I was performing in a packed out church not far from mine and at the end everyone sung happy birthday to me. It was a funny night because I forgot the lyrics to my song Oreanne and I had to stop playing and ask my mum on stage what the lyrics where. Luckily everyone found it funny and we all had a laugh together haha   

What was the worst experience on stage?

Forgetting my lyrics!!

Who would you like to work with on the circuit right now?

Ahh that’s a tough question! So many artists I’d love to work with!

What goes into your favourite sandwich?

It’s got to be a Chicken salad sandwich with some mayo. 10/10! 

What advise would you give your younger self starting out?

Believe in yourself! Be Kind and don’t be scared to fail. 

What makes you stand out as a artist?

I think I have a unique voice. Its very clear and smooth so I’ve been told haha

Whats your favourite song to play live and why?

Bye For Now is my favourite to play live everyone joins in and stands up. It’s funny because Bye For Now is actually 3 different story’s put into one! The beginning, the chorus and middle 8 are about 3 different people from different times in my life. 

Tell me about your new single and how it came about?

A Spaceman Came Traveling I originally recorded about 5 years ago and I uploaded a video to my YouTube page. The original singer Chris de Burgh sent me a tweet when I first covered his song saying how much he liked my version. I wanted to re-record my vocal and release the song properly now my voice has matured. 

I’ve always wanted to release this song on iTunes and Spotify but never felt it was the right time. It just felt right this year!    

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

More Music! Haha!

Thanks for doing us today folks, all the best and keep in touch.

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