RGM Introducing – Matthew Joseph

Hi Matt, thanks for joining us today. What made you decide to become a recording artist?

I’ve always been in love with singing and performing and have been looking up to entertainers like Britney, Bowie Michael Jackson Madonna since a child and have always written my own music since I can remember. 

What is the unsigned scene in Holyhead like at the minute?

If I’m honest its not huge but there’s so many talented people on the island that are doing well.

What bands are standing out in Holyhead?

On and around the island yes I’m a huge fan of Celavi who have been a huge support to myself also.

How do you feel like you are progressing through the industry?

Slowly but steady haha.  As a very ‘pop ’ artist it’s tough when it comes to releasing music and performing there aren’t Huge opportunities for my genre I feel. For example, when it comes to applying for playlists, I keep getting feedback that states my music is high quality well produced etc but too mainstream or pop- esque. Which is what’s in the top ten in the charts right now. So it’s frustrating as I feel like I’m competing with the top dogs with pop. But I’m very grateful for all the things I’ve been able to achieve so far since I started. 

People are unaware of just how tough the music industry is to break through, how do you stay motivated?

It really is tough! 

I find when I get a lull, taking time to do things I Iove like gigs, movies, nights out, boost my creativity all over again. Looking back seeing how far I’ve come always gets my motivation up. I also love watching my idols perform live, watching clips of them selling out huge venues- reminds me why I fight so hard for this dream. 

Is there enough support out there for new artists?

I think as a new independent artist you are on your own- so there is a lot of advice and help, but you have to search really hard for it. We tend to live off apps social media and YouTube nowadays haha. I adore my unofficial advisors Burstimo who are a marketing team who help new and  independent artists. (you’ll find them on Instagram and youtube) 

I think if you are a solo act it’s even tougher as you don’t have the support of your band mates and large team around you. 

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I got to the final of soundwaves music competition last year. I then got to perform at o2 Birmingham, and it was soo much fun I got a large set. It meant I was able to construct a setlist of my favourite tracks and the audience was epic so energetic!  I also got to bring my dancers and have different sections to my act outfits routines themes and Ioved it Such a buzz! performing at London o2 is always fun too it’s iconic. 

What was the worst experience on stage?

Oh god lots haha I guess it’s all part of the fun of live though. I once forgot the lyrics to a new song I wrote mid way through (I’d only wrote it and choreographed it the week before ) so I made up the lyrics of the verse and made it to the next chorus without anyone realising Luckily haha! 

Trips – hair and wardrobe malfunctions the list is endless. But you have to laugh and carry on the show must go on !

Tell us something about yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

I was once featured on an episode of Judge Romesh (UKTV play app – ep7 s2 ) where I got to perform after being a guest! 

I’m also obsessed with dinosaurs haha. 

What makes you stand out as an artist?

In this generation, there aren’t many artists who want to dance sing and put on a huge show. That’s what I bring to the table energetic live shows. I’m also a gay man and I love that my music look and stage presence represent this.

I honestly don’t think not my look or voice that makes me stand out though, it is my passion and attitude that makes me stand when I’m side by side with other artists. I will be heard is my motto. 

Right now, whats pissing you off the most? (Not the virus:)

That my producer is locked out of his studio !!! 

Haha I have a whole album / ep worth of songs that are 70% complete and it’s pissing me off I can’t release them!

 I do have one track that I’m hoping to do as a follow up to ’Fetish’ I just need a 30 second gap filled with a rap and I’ve just found the perfect feature Artists so watch this space! 

Its strange times at the min with the virus almost stopping the whole live music scene in UK and abroad, how do you plan to stay productive while we get through this?

It’s so bad isn’t it, scary really. If I think too much about it I get quote negative and angry so I power through. 

Well, I’ve Clearly had a bit of quarter-life crises, to be honest, The only way I’ve kept going is doing covers daily!  I’ve actually done 40 covers so far 41st is going up tomorrow haha !! And 3 lives. I’ve done weekly themes .. 90s / 80s / gaga week .. Britney week .. and am currently on 2020 covers. 

It’s kept me so busy though and some are serious covers that are my version  and some are pure fun I done a ‘oops I did it again’ one in her iconic outfit for fun and it got shared on her teams page to 100k people. I just want to entertain people it’s the only thing I can offer my friends family and fans right now. 

Tell us about the new single?

The new single is called ‘fetish’ and this track is about the fetishisation of minority groups. In a simple way it’s basically about some people that are obsessed with someone via a fetish and want one thing from them only… usually sexual. The story in the lyrics is about someone who is obsessed with me physically and has a Matthew Joseph aesthetic fetish but doesn’t want a relationship with me.. so I’m saying “ I’m not your fetish” 

I came up with the idea for the track when reading a magazine waiting in the dentist. It had an article about a trans woman. She said she had numerous straight men who loved her as a fetish but no more. Just sex and nothing else which made her feel like shit. It reminded me about this other lady I’d seen on tv years ago. This lady was clinically obese but was used for sexual fetishes and had made millions over this..  but just wanted a husband. And as a gay man growing up I can’t tell you how many ‘straight’ men I’ve had interstates in me as a fetish but not a relationship. 

So it’s a sad but empowering message for Everyone, who felt they weren’t enough. Especially the LGBTQ+ community. 

Whats coming up in 2020 in your personal and music lives??

I’m hoping that covid can please go for good so we can get back to live gigs health and normality! For sure plenty more music from me this year.

I have a EP that will be based around Pride coming up. I had planned in February to release a song from it every 4-6 weeks and release it fully in September! 

Well I’ve Managed to release ‘fetish’ and the official #shotoniphone music video whilst I’m isolation on my own! So we’ll see – hopefully the plan we commence . 

Thanks Matthew, all the best.

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