RGM Recommends – Single Releases

West Wickhams – He’s Acquired a New Face

Leaving listeners slightly puzzled but mostly in love with their sound, West Wickhams return with “He’s Acquired a New Face”. Captivating with their distinctive sound, the experimental rock outfit give post-punk a new face. Hiding from the talks of society, the song feels like it’s hiding behind a mask yet stating that it’s clearly identifiable. West Wickhams are bringing something different to the table and that’s what will draw you in more with each listen. Perfect for those playlists while sitting in your room thinking “what shall I do next with my life?”, it guides listeners in a direction to always be true to themselves. 

Who’s Misty? – Supernova Out 24th Jan 2020

Female-fronted indie-pop band Who’s Misty from Lincolnshire are set to release their debut single 24th January. Entitled “Supernova”, the band are set to rocket to the sky with their debut release. Armed with a fusion of indie meets pop-rock, the stunning vocals on the single are powerful and straight to the point. Flavoured with a summery feel to its core, the whole arrangement screams with energy and may even remind you of nostalgic, happy memories. Ready for a silver screen, if the band have more songs like this in their back catalogue, they’re destined for greatness. 

The Humdrum Express – Motivational Wall Art Out 31st Jan 2020

Singer-songwriter Ian Passey aka The Humdrum Express is known for unique, infectious music that includes a hint of post-punk. Delivering social commentary and clear observation of society, Motivational Wall Art is the latest offering from the songwriter. As the leading track from the forthcoming album Ultracrepidarian Soup, the number teams up with a strong arrangement that includes a wonderful saxophone tone. Indie-punk at it’s finest, the lyrics flow like water in a soft stream. It commentates with honesty and clearly states that it’s one of Ian’s strongest tracks to date.

Wood ewe – Mountain Goat Out 21st Feb 2020

Manchester-based soloist Iain Henderson aka wood ewe returns with vibrant new single “Mountain Goat” on February 21st. Using elements of indie-folk while blending the electronic sound of Manchester, Iain’s sound feels based around psychedelia, experimental and even shoegaze in the new number. Layering a captivating vision of honest music, Iain’s sound is unique and feels needed in today’s music industry. Emotional ride of vulnerability, ‘Mountain Goat’ feels an ode to the underground indie music scene. A breathtaking single that needs to be on repeat. 

Brodie Milner – Acheron

Brodie Milner’s Acheron mixes a range of jazz, psych and alt-pop in its influences like a paintbrush mixing colours altogether. It tells the tale of the end of intimacy while lifting a strong melody through rivers of loss. Pointing the finger of blame in each direction, the title’s imagery soothes downstream with purity. Touching upon facts and fiction, Brodie’s narrative is taken exactly at face value. You can think what you think in your own right, but you’ll probably still find yourself feeling similarities. Taking a different avenue to a predictable love song, the honesty that Brodie lingers through arrangement is astonishing. A powerful debut single that feels dramatic, yet somewhat peaceful. 

Four Divided by Two – You Do the Maths

Four Divided by Two storm onto the scene with “You Do The Maths”. Arranged with adrenaline, “Can You Feel It” lyrics seem forced and don’t flow as well as hoped. Nevertheless, it certainly kicks the EP off in great force. ‘Inside Your Heart (Love Me Baby)’ features a killer melody that will get stuck in your head from the get-go. ‘Numb and in Control’ is the adventurous number on the EP, and has to be the most memorable moment of the EP too. ‘Betrayed’ and ‘Sold a Lie’ showcase the band’s distinctive sound and includes a simple yet thoughtful arrangement. A staggering debut EP that will sit at the front of their discography for some time.