RGM Recommends – Single releases

This is the best place to find your favourite next band, take a look around.

Alex Rave featuring Queen Green – A spark In the North

A curious sounding name for an act that does not rave and a track that isn’t particularly sparky but no the less is a genuinely adorable track. A slow build with charmingly nonchalant vocals that is combined with the addition of Queen Greens offering which is reminiscent of early Cranberries. The chorus lifts the track somewhat out of its lumber tones bringing a slight Liam Frey twinge to Rave’s voice but still maintains its pleasantly lackadaisical style. Overall a track and band I would like to hear more from.   

The Novus – Frosty

Opening with an utterly single-minded blues riff that instantly establishes the ballsy tone that unashamedly continues throughout. It’s a raw breath of fresh air in a sea of over polished mediocrity that is being endlessly released. With a rumbling bass and drum beat built to make your ears bleed it’s the way, blues-rock should sound.     

Dead Happy – My Sex Appeal

Dead Happy teamed up with Electric Six (Famous for “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage!” to create new single ‘My Sex Appeal’. Having already gained momentum for their electric and eccentric live shows (think fire, aliens and robots) from festivals like Bearded Theory and Boomtown Fair fans will not be disappointed by this new offering. Definitely aiming to appeal to a quirkier audience it feels likes it should be on the soundtrack for an 80s classic like weird science. Packed with vocal hilarity downright crazy synth-pop and an earworm worthy hook.  

Moodbay – Ghost

A truly contemporary take on classic soulful 90s RnB. Mixing trippy chilled beats with glitching samples and ethereal vocals that slip and slide into relaxed yet carefully constructed layers over the top. From the verse the build the track is seamless and timeless. 

Yuka Tree – Preacher

Newcomers on scene describing themselves as Plant Punk! Preacher is a track I’m absolutely excited about the juxtaposition of punchy angry vocals that managed to stab through the track against the frenetic drums and apocalyptic guitars make fun and frenetic mix expertly put together punk musical mayhem.

Narrow Margin – Kids Don’t Dance

Already proving to be a hit on the dance floors of the label clubs 42nd St Manchester the track is pure indie disco gold which will doubt get skinny jeans kids instantly dancing. Battering drums likes the arms of an octopus, plucky bass lines a cheekily catchy chorus which is just about impossible not to sing along to instantly. Think back to when The Arctic Monkeys were balls of pure energy and still sounded fresh but with a more uplifting approach.   

Chaos In The Tea House – Mr Milligram

Could this track be any damn cuter? I think not. Imagine Jamie T but in a slightly higher octave and lyrics aren’t centred around drug-fuelled stories about hookers falling in the Themes, add in some on-point harmonies and unexpectedly quirkily changes in tempo and that still just quite sum up how catchy and different this track is.