James Qupid – Holy Water

James Qupid is an upcoming R&B artist from South Florida. The arrangement of ‘Holy Water’ shows the synthetic blends of Hip Hop and R&B, alongside Qupids soft, yet confident vocals, it is nothing short of beautiful, and when paired together it gives you this timeless, exciting piece which I can guarantee you will be listening to on repeat. This song should not be pigeon holed to any specific genre, it is a feel good song meant for everyone to enjoy, regardless of preferred genres. Qupid is definitely one to get excited about!

Sacropolis – The Sinner

Frankfurt-based Newcomer Band, Sacropolis released their second Single ‘The Sinner’ on July 3rd. This tune makes you feel warm throughout, from the opening soft guitar riff to Ben’s ( lead singer) calming vocals. ‘The Sinner’ takes you on an unexpected journey and depending on what mood you are in you will either cry whilst listening or fade away with the hazey vibes. Definitely think this band will be enjoyed by anyone who likes Kings Of Leon and DMA’S. I expect to be seeing a lot more from Sacropolis this year, for their second release, this tune is unreal.

Gen and The Degenerates – ‘Cocaine’

Female-fronted, Liverpool based band Gen and The Degenerates, have well and truly smashed it with this groovy rock song. There is two versions of this tune, the remix and the extended, both of which make you want to get up, dance and sing. I can see this song going off at a gig, it’s like it was made to be played in a live setting. 2019 was a really good year for the band as they supported big names such as Bang Bang Romeo, WSTR and Strange Bones. If Gen and The Degenerates keep releasing music like ‘Cocaine’ and ‘Jesus Green’ then they will almost certainly be headlining big venues in the next year. If you are a fan of Paramore or Foo Fighters then you’ll love this band. I can’t wait to hear more and to see big things in the future.

The Institutes – Heal In Time

Four piece, coventry based, indie rock band The Institutes entered the music scene in December 2018 and since have had their songs played on radio stations like BBC radio 6. ‘Heal in time’ shows pure poetic lyrics allowing listeners to identify to the emotions in the song. The Institutes easily portray honesty through this song which is always good to capture music lovers. The band have just signed an LP deal with New Rivals Records in USA and are set to tour USA in 2021. Anyone with a deep love of that simple indie, electric sound, look no further as this band is for you. The very ending of this song with the rich fuelled solos just give this song the extra bit of edge.

Shake The Geek – EGO

Shake the Geek are a female fronted rock band and are nothing short of unreal. This song gives you everything and anything you ever need from a song. From the soft vocals at the beginning which intensify as the song goes on, to the heavier guitar riffs during the choruses, you cannot fault any part of ‘EGO’. Ella, the main singers vocals seem so pure and effortless and she definitely has a distinctive sound, which is almost very similar to Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. The band prior to lockdown supported bands such as Reef and Pattern Pusher, and I think that 2021 will be a good year for them after hearing this new tune. If you are into bands like Foo Fighters, No Doubt and The Pretty reckless, then Shake The Geek are definitely a band for you!