The Manchester-based, 5-piece, Origami Tsunami have recently released their 3rd single ‘urgency’. Evidently the band have indie/rock influences, and you can hear this in the structure of the song, particularly in the guitar solo at the end. With their previous single ‘Nothing Missed’ getting airplay on BBC Radio 6 at the end of 2019, they are now set to follow up with an EP titled ‘Drift into the Sun’, which is to be expected in September. The bands previous work was new and exciting but Urgency, is a little different, setting the band on almost a new pathway. It is the first single from this EP, so presumably, they’ll follow up with similar-sounding tunes. Definitely one to listen to if you are a fan of Foals.

Basic State – The Morning After the Night Before

Basic State are well and truly the definition of ‘upcoming’. Their debut single, ‘Ribena in a Hipflask’ was released in March, lyrically it is very smart, and then you put the loud drums and energetic guitar and it just makes a great, fun tune. With the band describing themselves as ‘five lads who want to hit 2021 as hard and gig as much as possible’ it shows their drive. The EP as a whole giving early Arctic Monkeys vibes, 2021 should be a real turning point for the boys.

Those Fucking Snowflakes – Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bulls**t

Those Fucking Snowflakes are such a powerhouse band. With most, if not all of their previous tunes being politically driven, you get the raw, emotional drive that a lot of artists nowadays are too scared to put into a song. The band have just produced a lyric video for ‘Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bulls**t’ which comes from their newly released EP, ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’. It is almost impossible to compare the band to any before them, as they are just so unique in everything they do, from this lyric video to the titles of their songs. If you don’t like this band then I’m sure they wouldn’t care, as their audience is very clearly well targeted. Although if you are a fan of IDLES or The Blinders, you will most probably love Those Fucking Snowflakes.

The New Icons – Loner

On the 4th September, the Liverpool based band, The New Icons are set to release ‘Loner’ their second single from the album Electric Ghost Graffiti. At the beginning of ‘Loner’ it comes across as a very neo-psychedelia track, but then you are hit with the melancholic lyrics, similar to the likes of The Smiths. The New Icons have introduced themselves to the music scene wonderfully and this second single just shows that they are on a very good path to be on whilst heading into the post covid-19 music world.

THE FEENS – Sunset

Next month will see the release of THE FEENS new track ‘Sunset’. Set to be released on the 9th September, it almost feels like it is a couple months too late as the single would have been a great summer tune to pick spirits up during lockdown. After a few listens you’ll be singing away to this, definitely one to have on in the car with the windows down. If you are a fan of Blossom or Inhaler you will love THE FEENS.