Rosie Frater-Taylor – Just My Type

With layers of fast-moving percussive instruments coupled with wonderfully jazzy chords, Rosie Frater-Taylor’s self-reflective ‘diary entry’ gives us a window into her mind.

Once again, the London based singer-songwriter flaunts her ability to provide a feeling of euphoria, with her cool and decisive vocal melodies that seem to glide over the rhythmic backing effortlessly. Fortunately, I had the chance to ask Rosie a couple of questions regarding the importance of honesty and her jazz influences. 

Rosie explores the inevitable ups and downs of a relationship, with direct language that feels like a diary entry. When asking her about the raw nature of her lyricism, Rosie replied: My lyric writing tends to be pretty introspective and personal, perhaps like some kind of therapy in a way.”. By allowing us listeners into her mind it allows us to get to know Rosie better, and most likely relate with her!

She is getting stuff off her chest as well as noting her faults through self-deprecating relatable lines like ‘I judge too much’. This honesty feeds into the fact that Rosie’s organic and relatable personality shines through her music. 

Much like her most popular single ‘Better Days’, this track couples jazz with soul and pop. I asked Rosie what jazz artist has influenced herself and her music most, and she replied: “probably Pat Metheny in terms of his harmony, melody and guitar playing. He inspires me in his writing as much as his improvising.”. 

The vocal performance is silky and smooth, with sharp harmonies that leave you feeling more invested in her ‘diary entry’ lyricism. This song is one of the sweetest, euphoric, and catchy tunes you’ll hear in a while and I am certain it will be played all summer – what a bop!

Download HERE