Sam Baird – Lines and Ripples

Sam Baird unveils stunning debut album ‘Lines and Ripples’ to the masses. A release drawing influence from jazz, trap, hip-hop, alt rock and everything in between, the innovative album was recorded and produced with engineers from SOL Studios. 

‘Lines and Ripples’ was supposed to be released earlier this year, but because of the pandemic and it’s obvious reasons, Sam held back on it’s release. Now delivering what could be described as an adventurous album, ‘Lines and Ripples’ is ready for your ears to dive into. 

Fading in with a quiet synth infused track, the album starts with an intro to ‘So Sweet’, before ending up with an uplifting sound of alt-rock. An interesting start to the album, ‘So Sweet’ is hard-hitting and an escapism into the world of Sam Baird. Showcasing Sam’s elevating blues side, this alt-rock wonder means business. ‘Drifting’ floats into site with it’s captivating intro before venturing into an indie-rock track destined to make you dance. A unique sound with flavours of dance, indie and brit-pop, ‘Drifting’ is a well-rounded number with layers of charm.

Wobbly Business’ feels like the calm during the storm. Something different from Sam, the wondrous track highlights the diversity of Sam’s sound, and proves he’s not frightened to think outside the box. If you’re into nostalgic and a slightly more trippy sound, this track’s for you. Straight back into a powerful indie arrangement, ‘Not Tonight’ gives the album that extra get up and go. A track to stick on to get rid of any Monday blues, the edgy number is fuelled with good old fashioned rock’n’roll. The vocal melody isn’t as adventurous in this number compared to the other tracks making it feel like it’s lacking it’s full potential. Nevertheless, it’s instrumentally fierce. 

Times Up’ first comes onto the scene with a subtle dream-like introduction ahead of it’s experimental ending. Like Alex Turner flying through a psychedelic trip, ‘Times Up’ feels slightly avant-garde and unexpected. Saying that, it’s completely original and eccentric. Flourishing from it’s start straight into the end, ‘Wide Silly’ features an infectious trap, drum machine. Giving the album another string to it’s bow, Sam Baird’s varied sound may be overwhelming at times but is completely mesmerising. While track ‘High at 2AM’ captures Sam’s rock influences, ‘My Open Sea’, ‘Painfully Aware’ and ‘We Knew Better’ highlight that no matter what direction Sam may venture into, his heart always finds a way to indie rock. 

Album closer ‘Feelings of Dying Alone’ was previously released to raise money for NHS Charities Together and was met with a positive reception. Raising £600, it’s no wonder this track got a fantastic recognition. Its arrangement and production is bathed in Sam’s identity and closes the album effortlessly.