Samantha Faye – Love Is A Game

It’ll come as no surprise that this singer-songwriter is influenced by the likes of legendary artist, Amy Winehouse. Samantha Faye may be in her own lane when it comes to music, but you can tell who her influences are. Returning with the unapologetic love song ‘Love Is A Game’, this young singer-songwriter details how falling in and out of love is always a crazy thing to go through.

Entering with an ambitious vocal and an elegant vocal line, the delicate introduction builds into a wondrous lively number. Soul infused with elements of jazz-pop, ‘Love Is A Game‘ was inspired by a story of a girl coming home to her boyfriend to find out he’s been cheating. A reassuring number that’s filled with independence, Samantha Faye’s latest release is a sassy contender in the world of soul.

Armed with a production that will give you a little boost that I’m sure we’re all needing more of recently, the production is also the part of the song that lets it down slightly. Not as impactful as hoped, the production is polished but doesn’t fill the soundscape. With lots of space still and room to add another instrument into the mix, ‘Love Is A Game’ lacks ever so slightly in imagination.

Saying that, the track’s concept and arrangement is inspiring. Let’s not forget that this track is actually Samantha Faye’s debut, and it’s a strong one. Powerfully gritting and empowering for females across the world.