Shallow Waters – The God You Know You Are

With a mysterious and moody attitude in every aspect, Shallow Waters put forward a deep and intense piece that pushes the boat out in a strong way.

The use of heavy crashes of cymbals and drums throughout give this thick and sticky substance throughout the runtime, with a grunge style that just makes every note linger with intensity. It’s this deep sludgy feel that gives so much substance to the track that makes it stand out and leaves the air feeling thick with atmosphere. 

Alongside the shredding guitar that gives off a feeling of insanity in delivery, growing progressively more chaotic, especially towards the closing half. There’s a very intense grunge and metal feel to it that’s offset by the use of more classic singing that brings it back up from being a more niche genre feel. The mixture of heavy genres is what pushes the envelope quite far, utilising a strong and intense mood set by the powerful instrumental performance. 

On the other hand we have these excellent vocals that are clean and easy to listen too, although the intensity is still on display with the slightly strained performance. On the whole, they have gravitas and keep everything from turning into this overly saturated mess, bringing the more melodic part of the song together nicely. 

Overall The God You Know You Are is strong and well rounded if a little heavy for people who may not be genre fans. It’s an intense romp that is catchy and deep, a nice dichotomy versus the name of Shallow Waters.