Shaun Redlake – Colour

Critically acclaimed fingerstyle singer songwriter Shaun Redlake returns with the atmospheric “Colour”. Based in Manchester, Shaun brings inspiration from the acoustic world into the public eye once again. Finger style acoustic music seems to have gone off the grid for sometime, so hearing Shaun bring back a new flavouring to the genre is enlightening. Written for a band and a string quartet, the new single will brighten anyone’s day.

Cinematic and glowing with an uplighting sound, the subject of the track is actually slightly darker than what it seems. Dealing with an emotional struggle of falling for someone who you can only hope will feel the same. It cements the feeling of hope but also worry perfectly through it’s production. It’s colourful but there’s something melancholic about it’s imagery.

The folk based number will leave you with a smile stuck on your face. It’s relatable energy will grit you from the start till the end. “Give it all up, before it’s even begun” feels like that moment you get your hopes up for them to be completely shattered a minute later. As for improvements, the only thing I could say is to add another experimental section to take the song in a structure that’s not as predictable. Make sure to check out Shaun’s previous releases on streaming sites now, he’s one that will leave an engrave on your heart for some time.