Review : Man of Science – PR3

Now I’m not usually one for cringeworthy puns, but there’s definitely a certain amount of chemistry between myself and the latest single from Man of Science, ‘PR3.’

The song isn’t overly complex, it follows a repetitive structure and melody, and this makes for a concise piece of easy listening.

It’s got some early 2000s indie vibes to it, but that’s not to say that the song is generic to that genre in any way. It has a lot of features, such as the rather raw sound and use of harmonies, that make the song sound very fresh in 2018.

The carrying guitar riff flows very well with the overall style of the tunes, and the way that the bass tails this is brilliant. Bass/guitar working hand in hand on little riffs like that makes for a great sound in this style of music, it gives it some individuality and an almost unpredictable nature.

The song is, however, a little long for my taste. I feel as if this style of song, with its catchy hooks and repetitive nature, would suit a bit of a shorter runtime. Of course, this is simply down to my personal preference, but I feel as if this would add much more of an engaging feel to the song.

In short, I liked the vibe of the song a lot. It’s bouncy, catchy and sounds very fresh in 2018

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