Sweetness – Pretty

I don’t really know what to make of Sweetness’ new single ‘Pretty’ if I’m perfectly honest. A touch under 6-and-a-half minutes, a 4-minute radio edit that seems to fit the bill of an indie single far better, and for me it just isn’t sharp and polished enough for me to really get the most out of it. 

I have to start with the length of the track with this one. I can appreciate it when a band goes against the grain and tries something wildly out there with a single, but with ‘Pretty’ having the original version of the track topping 6 minutes is a mistake. It doesn’t grab your attention and hold it for long enough to justify being so long, and even a radio edit over 4 minutes leaves me, the listener, more confused than anything else.

When an indie band is on a shoestring budget, as we all are and forever shall be, I’d much rather focus all my efforts into one single polished and pristine package of a song that’ll impress me in its execution and its “repeat playability” than two versions of the same track which are somewhat let down by the production value. The drums lag behind or push ahead too eagerly in places, and where you really want a clean and crisp guitar tone to latch onto, you’re left clutching at custard. 

If I could offer any shred of advice it’d be this: ditch the 6-minute version of this track online, focus in on the radio edit and have that as your song to get in people’s heads. Saving the longer, more experimental track for gigs will differentiate your live shows from your recorded stuff, and that is something I’d really get behind.