TasteFull – Radha

TasteFull are a band that are not restricted to just one genre and their debut album, Radha is an explosion of guitar-based rock.

The Cincinnati band have combined influences from grunge, Americana and psychedelic rock as they tear through lenghty tracks with intricate guitar patterns.

From the opening track, Oxygen, you would not expect there to be any signs of the genres I’ve just referred to. Oxygen opens with smooth funky guitars and the track has the vibe of an early Maroon song. However, the track showcases the band’s musical diversification by shifting from genre to genre. Midway through the track we have fast rock that divulges into a soulful reggae approach.

The Ohio band demonstrates their craftsmanship and musical versatility as track 2, Flight Of The Sparrow begins with slick classic rock sounds and delay ringing out. The track progresses into warm and sunny guitar licks that are driven by emotional and scratchy vocals.

The vocals have a reminiscence of Chris Cornell with the majority of the track sounding like a softer Audioslave piece. We’re given a real treat in the tracks’ closing moments with a burst of guitar solos that scream 70s rock. The guitar tone sounds like it’s collided with an organ for some lovely American twang.

Tracks like Running In Circles and Om continue the Cornell and furthermore grunge vibe with the former sounding like it was ripped straight from Superunknown. To write a song of such variety and similarity takes real guitar knowledge.

La Llorona has a spicy Spanish flare with an emphasis on guitar orientation. On top of this, there are some enchanting harmonies that only get better as the track progresses. In the latter part of the track, the volume levels seemed a bit off like TasteFull were teasing an early closure. It basically builds up anticipation for a slick Americana guitar solo.

Love Hurts gives us a slower moment on the track with gently picked guitars that don’t provide a step back. However, as a step back I felt like I was slipping away from the album’s exciting moments.

Paint A Picture has a better approach to a sombre piece with moody psychedelic rock and ominous guitar tones. The low vocals create an aura around the track that matches the instrumentation well. It’s one thing to be enjoying the moody moments, it’s another thing for the track to burst into blaring saxophones and 70’s prog rock. Even then we’re not done with acoustic guitars and rolling drums before the guitar and sax take on each other. It’s a beautiful wall of noise.

The wall of noise and burst of instrumentation are the highlights on this record with The End creating this War Of The Worlds apocalypse. The heavy bass creates and impending sense of doom that reflects the title well.

As the album comes to a close with the title track, Radha, the drumming feels so powerful. Even when the album is coming to an end it feels as though TasteFull is a band with plenty of fuel left in the tank. Everything feels like it’s been turned up to 11 for a grand finale of roaring guitars climbing up and down the fretboard.

If you like variety in your rock music and huge guitar riffs, then look no further than these Ohio rockers. The album has wonderful throwbacks to rock of many eras and TasteFull provide a fine guitar rock album. Each instrument showcases variety and each track gives you something different. Some albums could be considered messy with such variety, but on Radha it simply works.