Teeff – Won’t You

Teeff really bite into what makes rock music great with their latest effort ‘Won’t You’ and this baby has some teeth.

The musicianship of Alex Beresford (guitar) and Ryan Boulter (drums) showcases that you don’t need many members to provide a wall punching sound. The guitar work blends together haunting verse notes with an eerie tone before crashing down into a heavy fuzz chorus which is the kind of chorus/distortion pedal combination that bands like Nirvana made so famous.

You get the instant feeling when entering the verse that there’s a huge wave coming your way and your five euro inflatable lilo isn’t going to protect you. The bass heavy effect on the guitar fills out what is expected to be missing, but does its job nonetheless and the crashing of cymbals behind turn the track into a chaotic wall of noise.

It’s a loud and proud track that has me hitting the replay button as soon as it finishes. The production is a great combination of clear cutting sound as well picking out great moments of muddy guitars and gritty vocals. The lyrics gets stuck in my head instantly…maybe due to the title being repeated multiple times but it’s catchy either way. The low vocal tone swims elegantly through the thunderous instrumentation and sets itself apart as the third instrument in the track.

I’m left wanting more in the outro with the sweeping lead notes adding a new touch to the track. I can see big things coming our way from Teeff in the future.