Ten Hands High – Red Wine

What do you get when you mix indie rock, pop and funk? You get Ten Hands High and their boppy single ‘Red Wine’.  

The Leeds-based rockers capture the jangly tunes and popping bass riffs that have graced the indie scene in such a prevalent way over the last ten years.  

Frontman, Alexi Buckingham has a fine-tuned voice that swims through the music and the confidently presented words will instantly stick in your head.  

It’s a harmless enough indie tune, but respectively the instruments are mixed well and get that well-orchestrated balance of warm and upbeat guitars, as well as a thunderously in your face bass. The funk side of things really gives an everyday indie track that missing spark.  

If you like your indie happy and dance-orientated then this is the track for you with a continuous build-up in the verse and chorus. I really enjoyed the crescendo of noise for the outro of the song with a haunting guitar lead finishing off Red Wine.  

In all honesty ‘Red Wine’ keeps on grooving from start to finish and when I just want some enjoyable indie rock, this is what I usually turn to. It’s accessible in every means of the word, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well crafted or intricate in its riff structure. ‘Red Wine’ is a well-thought-out track with interesting sounds and rhythms.  

‘Red Wine’ like its description gets better with every sample and if we still have a flourishing indie scene in a few years, no doubt this track will be just as tasteful.