The 99 Degree – John The killer

John the killer is the first track from the bands record EL MONSTRUO. It does what it says on the tin. A killer track on a monster of a record.

Having seen these guys live numerous times and shared the stage with them I knew I would be treated to a full-on spaghetti surf psych trip. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I became thrown into a world of confusion, not in a bad way let me say. I was bouncing between a Tarantino Esque western bar room brawl, corralled in a psych fuelled buckaroo stampede or on a police chase between San Diego and El Paso. 

All of which caused me to hold tight onto my seat as I travelled through a relentless track of punk cinematic dreams. The overwhelming surfy guitars haven’t left these lads but they are certainly more hidden as if been hunted by a Mexican cartel!! 

I wasn’t given time to breathe which is right up my street. When vocalist Joe Sartini dropped spitting out lines I was met with rolling drums angular guitars and backing vocals to stop any element of a distraction. There is no holding back, which does reflect the live stage performances. Which with hopefully find a way to a stage soon. 

Words by – Jack Aka Leon the pig farmer/the Dirt

📸 Credit – Trust A Fox Photography