The Ashley Sherlock Band – Fine By Me

Smooth, slick and a voice that won’t quit are my instant impressions. Fine By Me is a track that doesn’t just give you a sprinkling of what The Ashley Sherlock band have to offer. Oh no. You’re given a whole bottle of shiny glittery music and it’s spilling everywhere. 

I was greeted by a classic blues riff accompanied by emotionally-strong vocals that any old blues song could give you, but around each corner another instrument is introduced and the song is filled with life. This track would have killed it in the charts 15 years ago when rock music had its last breath of dominance and number one spots. 


It’s the kind of song I can close my eyes to and take it all in. Lead vocalist Ashley’s words feel like they’re coming from a real place and hits the spot. It’s not just a simple blues song as garage guitars are met with funky smooth basslines and a bridge that adds fuzzy vocals that play with your senses. 

The five minutes which involve a build up in sound, a real rush in the bridge section, deliver a sleepy comedown that leaves you tingling with anticipation for more. Fine By Me is a well put together track that demonstrates a love for rock music and all its styles over the last 60 years encompassing a need for more raw guitars and drums.