The Bright Black – Super Duper

The Bright Black have been hit and miss with their last two releases, at least for me, so I was curious to see what single number three would bring to the table. In all honesty, I’m still just as confused as I was to begin with.

The Bright Black bring a lot of weird and wonderful stuff to their sound, from danceable indie to straight-up funky goodness, and a lot in between, but I feel with ‘Super Duper’ they’ve tried to do just too much.

There’s so much going on in this song that by the time you’re halfway through you’re not entirely sure where you are, and for me that’s a downer on a track that I think does have the potential to grow on some people. I admire the fact that they’ve changed it up a bit from their previous releases, going with a more polished production value and incorporation of a wide variety of sounds and textures. However, such a wide variety leaves the listener with so much to get their head round that it takes away from the song.

I don’t want to say ‘Super Duper’ isn’t good, because that would be a lie. I can see what the Bright Black have tried to do here, max-ing the funk, max-ing the pop, max-ing the vocal repetition in the hope of creating a crowd led track when performed live, but for me it’s off the mark on this occasion. It might not be super-duper, but I’d encourage you all to give the Bright Black a chance. They could be right up your street after all.