The Brookes – Constellations Of You

The Brookes’ lastest single ‘Constellations Of You’ is, simply put, bloody fantastic. It’s a vast and sprawling atmospheric anthem filled with clever lyrics and superb guitar work. You didn’t even know you needed a playlist specifically for floating through space, but The Brookes did, and they made this song for you.

Whoever this song is written about, these Grimsby boys clearly think the entire universe of them. From its spaced-out production to its electrifying guitar riffs, this track is epic.


It’s very easy to be swept away by the leading lights, but there should be a special mention for the bass and drums for their consistency. Whilst there’s all sorts of (figurative) space debris flying around, everything is still under control and constant in the background, and that shouldn’t go overlooked.

As mentioned before, ‘Constellations Of You’ is lyrically stellar as well. There’s some beautifully witty lines, especially the first couple of the track, as well as an anthemic chorus that sounds as if the whole world is harmonising on it.

I can’t really find any faults with ‘Constellations Of You’. It’s just an absolute pleasure to listen to, and I can imagine it must be, *ahem*, out-of-this-world when it’s played live. The Brookes have pulled a blinder with this one.