The C33s:​ Big Winner

Alternative punk-rock band The C33s are back with the same rush of intensity as was featured in their debut, Manic Depression, which was released not too long ago. Hailing from the North-West, they made their live debut at Jimmy’s (Manchester) last October which fuelled their comfortable following – and since swiftly landing a record deal with These Bloody Thieves records, they show no signs of slowing down; bracing us again, for their musical mayhem and tongue-in-cheek mien in this track.

Following on from Manic Depression which was released in April, and garnered a wholly positive reaction through being played on various radio stations such as BBC 6 Music (Chris Hawkins)BBC Introducing, and The Clash, it’s clear to see that Big Winner is following in the former’s footsteps; slapping you in the face with its punky riffs from the start.

The frantically executed track propels the listener through the three minutes of instrumental chaos and its confidently declared lyrics, and despite the sound of it appearing to be messily constructed in some places, it works for the track when put into context. The provocative edge of Ste Philips’ bold bass, paired with the frankly mad riffs by guitarist Cav Green form a sandwich of punk-rock paradise when including Judy Jones’ backing vocals.

The head-banging track’s charm comes in the form of its straight-up messiness and versatile sound… It’s a sleazy little slice of rock n’ roll punk which will want you coming back for more.