The Feens – Slip Away

Scarborough’s own The Feens blend together a tasty combination of catchy indie and rock ‘n roll with a style that is currently sweeping the indie world. 

The band’s third single ‘Slip Away‘ continues their indie rock style with nods to such established artists as Jaws and Blossoms. 

Atmospheric verses launch instantly into a dramatically anthemic chorus with roaring vocals from co-vocal partnership Freddie Schmuck and Adam Lodge. 

It’s the perfect length and never gets stale clocking in at just under three minutes with the catchy chorus ringing out through to the end of the track. The drums thunder through the track and are one of the stand out moments for me with the mixture of patterns in the verse-chorus-bridge standing out from your average indie band. 

What more can I say? It’s an easy going track which will have you singing along!