The Howlers : La Dolce Vita

Barrelling over a wave of crashing drums, pulsating bass lines and a guitar riff straight from Josh Homme’s Desert Rock playlist, The Howlers immediately present themselves as a band to watch out for. The song has an immediate quality, setting the pace at a breakneck speed and refuses to let up throughout its three-minute length.

Really, this song wouldn’t have sounded out of place soundtracking one of the great spaghetti westerns of the 60s. The song starts by setting its atmosphere with jangling guitars and relentless beats. Listen to this song while you’re driving, and you’ll feel like you’re cruising through a desert at full speed.

It then settles into a bass-led groove as the singer growls his way through lyrics about appreciating yourself as an individual and not caring about what others think of you. It might be a message we’ve heard before, but ‘kick against the pricks’ is still an effective statement for any confident band to make.

The track continues to blend between its sinister bass grooves and guitar twangs throughout, keeping the track’s momentum going throughout to the end. The chorus might be simple in just repeating the title, but it’s a hell of a singalong moment that’s sure to be screamed by many an avid music fan in the coming months.