The Jonny Oates Band – Say The Word

Hailing from heart of Lancashire, The Johnny Oates band release their latest lockdown-single, ‘Say The Word’.

Alongside the recent music of numerous artists, ‘Say The Word’ seems to have jumped on exploring the trend of searching for validation through online means. Detailing his inspiration, Jonny Oates tell us, “’Say the Word’ questions the intentions of the users of the apps, and whether or not people actually get what they desire, or if it ends up in a cycle of meaningless validation and periods of hollow angst. We’re not in the habit of telling people how to feel, but in speaking from experience, it certainly isn’t an entirely positive and risk-free journey to finding new relationships and friendships”.

Though the theme of the track is certainly valid and apparent for the majority of us, the track lacks the level of profoundness you’d look for in songs which hold deeper themes, almost skimming over obvious points and predictable passages for the purpose of making an indie-pop tune.

Similarly to the lyrics, the instrumentation doesn’t feel like it’s all there. It definitely channels bright synth melodies and easy to follow chorus lines but severely lacks any defining elements. The track as a whole just sounds like an adequate tribute to Sundara Karma.

Though the vocals pick up a bit more of an impact throughout the chorus and latter half of the song, they really struggle with the range in the first verse. The key is too deep for the vocalist, meaning you can hear them straining to reach certain notes and missing the phrasing of certain lines.

Say The Word’ simply follows the basic blueprint for any Manchester synth-pop track that’d appeal to the younger generation exploring their more ‘indie’ phase. The track itself sadly falls into the world of unoriginality, feeling like something you’ve already heard multiple times this week.