The Kiddiwinks : Walk With Your Eyes Closed

The Kiddiwinks dazzle with their ambitious garage rock style sounds from their latest track ‘Walk With Your Eyes Closed’. The band show you don’t need to fill your track with lots of effects and shoe shine recording…sometimes a bit of spit on a pair of Oxford’s goes a long way.

The London-based group combine bass thumping verse’s building up tension before letting rip with fuzzy guitars and melodic background vocals throughout the chorus. 

The vintage garage styles are met with the catchy chorus which repeats in the intro and outro giving an extra groove and accessibility to the track, almost pop-like. As you’re coming to an end, it’s almost as if the track is starting up again and you’re ready to engage in this endless loop. 

Walk With Your Eyes Closed glitters with the vibes of Cage The Elephant and The Black Keys, emphasised by its incredibly catchy riff formula and upbeat structure with the vocals ripping through so confidently.