The Killers – Fire In Bone

The Killers new single ‘Fire In Bone’ continues to slowly unwrap the Las Vegas band’s enigmatic new sound on their upcoming album bearing the incredibly cringey title ‘Imploding The Mirage’. This track needs quite a few listens to begin to work out whether it’s any good or not.

Brandon Flowers and co are continuing to tease their sixth album despite its release and their huge UK and Ireland tour being postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the two songs so far provide a lot of intrigue.

The winding and colourful ‘Caution’ was a grower, but ‘Fire in Bone’ has a lot more below the surface. The track has a weird time signature and delivery, continuing a theme of some weird musical choices that at least provide more interest than The Killers’ last two records, which were pretty vanilla.

The absence of guitarist Dave Keuning, who seemingly has had little or no involvement with the band in the last couple of years, is clearly felt on ‘Fire In Bone’- which leans on bass and synth lines. There was a ripping guitar solo towards the end of ‘Caution’, but it bears little resemblance to Keuning’s style.

Flowers’ lyrics talk mainly of negative emotion in the verses, but the chorus expresses a praise for a significant other for putting up with his shit over the years. The years can be heard in his vocals, but it seems to be that Flowers is one of those whose voice still sounds good when it’s a bit ropey- it provides more emotion.

There’s still much to learn about ‘Imploding The Mirage’, and we’ll wait patiently to see if it brings about a return to form, as the current pair of tracks don’t give much away. The album is currently set to arrive on 29th May.