The New Nostalgia – Fragile Bones Review

London-based alternative-rock quartet, The New Nostalgia, have recently released their reflective debut single, Fragile Bones. Establishing their moody yet thoughtful sound, the band told Jammerzine in an exclusive interview that “It’s a song about getting home after an embarrassing night of heavy drinking and having a talk with yourself about life in the bathroom mirror. I [Patrick McCallion, vocalist] think a lot of people in their early twenties start to realize that when their parents were their age they had careers, houses, and kids. You realize that you’re still essentially living the same way that you did when you were a student and it hits you over the head like a tonne of bricks.”

The group consists of four notably talented musicians, (peculiarly, even, given the fact that they’re at such an early stage in their musical career); drummer Charles Adley, bassist Sam Bramhall, vocalist Patrick McCallion and guitarist James Sands. The back-then just friends met at university and formed the band in Amsterdam, having their debut show over in the Netherlands. 

And this has led to the release of Fragile Bones – the angsty, yet youthfully evocative memoir of their post-university years which see them dwelling on the idea that they need to get their shit together. It’s an impressively well-crafted track considering it’s their first single; from its quirkily haunting lyrics, to its skilled instrumentation consisting of the Foals-reminiscent bassline, and great guitarmanship.

They’re currently working on their debut album which will arrive with us early 2020, which is bound to be one heck of a debut if it’s nearly as good as this track! In the meantime, check out their few tour dates and grab a ticket to support them, if you’re around. You won’t be disappointed.