The Rezner – Micky

In your face, cocky and brimming with indie rock n roll panache, debut single Micky sees The Rezner introduce themselves to the world with one of the most infection tunes you will hear in a long time.

This four piece from the South-West conjure up images or Hard Fi and the like with real DIY vibes to this garage indie track. The vibrant riffs are relentless once they first kick, and the dynamism in the whole sound will fool you into forgetting that this really is just a debut track from a young band.

Lead singer Sam Stone are brilliantly suited to the style. To really show up over the striking instrumentals they needed truly powerful  vocals, and he certainly provides them. You’ll find yourself repeating “I think she likes me” from the chant like chorus for a long time after the song has ceased playing.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this track is just the natural level of sound and power they pump out, a level bands that are much more established and with much greater production could only hope for. The whole thing just feels ‘future headliner’, and throw in the advantages that will come when they inevitably grow in stature and the possibilities for these boys are endless.