The Roar of The Electric Lion – Are You The One?

In no relation to the current big cat phenomenon the world is currently going through with Tiger King, The Roar of The Electric Lion release the first single ‘Are You The One’ from the upcoming ‘Blush’ EP. Giving electronica a new face, Joe Kemp aka The Roar of The Electric Lion started producing electric music over 10 years ago but found himself creating more acoustic-based music.

Perfecting his craft over the years, the multi-instrumentalist turned his attention back to creating organic electronica. 

Spacious with synthesisers, the wide arrangement on ‘Are You The One?’ captures an ambient yet ‘in your face’ electronica. It’s based mainly around an instrumental with a minimal amount of lyrics. I feel to enhance the track that little bit more, more prominent lyrics for the track could engage a different market for Are You The One? It’s experimental and wonders into the realm of psychedelia too.

Featuring syncopation via a KORG drum machine, the sentimental value behind The Roar of The Electric Lion’s music is something to be proud of. Using his music as a tribute to a late friend and the music they used to create together, the analogue arrangement for this track and also the EP it’s taken off is atmospheric and a proud piece of work for the composer. A soundscape that showcases an artist not following the typical electronic guidelines. 

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