The Roov – Cruisin

The third single from Elgin band The Roov brings a taste of the ‘70s with a modern flavor, infusing soul and dance rhythms to create a track with real groove. At it’s core, this is a disco track, and it’s the vocals which distinguishes it from being only that. Soulful vocals which take shape in a true funk melody which injects a more unique feel to the tune.

Cruisin is far from just a rehash of successful past sounds though. Electronic beats provide a real modernising feel to this track and give it a sense of a party tune that does, in short, plead with you to dance.


The vibes you get from this track are similar to that of The Rhythm Method, and although it was released in December, there is no denying that at heart this is a real summer record.

It’s no surprise to hear that at their debut festival they filled the tent and were received tremendously, because this single instantly has that festival feel to it.

A very impressive modernization of a well-trodden sound, perhaps it’s time for a second disco explosion..

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