The Roov – Workin’ On U

Four-piece groove based band from Scotland are the loveable The Roov. Currently unsigned, and we can’t figure out why.

The band are influenced by 80’s production and the disco movement that artists such as Michael Jackson and Prince showcased. With a comfortable back catalogue of what the kids call ‘bangers’, they’ve had over 100,000 streams on Spotify already. For a band that haven’t been releasing music for that long, that’s incredible. Back with what may be their most vibrant track yet, this is “Working’ On U”.

There’s something that’s so simplistic but creative that lies in the bones of the track. Dynamically, the song builds throughout which is just what you need for a pop-based song to do. With indie-esque vocals, this is unlike any other disco pop ballad. Originality shines through the track with quirky melodies and finely put together instrumentation. Gradually uplifting to create this ball of happiness, when the song’s at it’s peak, you don’t want it to finish.

As the disco movement has been modernised and is fresh in our faces again, it’s great to hear The Roov do their research to create this statement. The song is well-crafted and a suitable length to get the message across. Overall, the song deals with working on a relationship and wanting it to be solved. Electrifying sound from this up and coming band, make sure to catch them at live shows too. Live music must stay alive! Sad for the track to come to an end? Stick it on repeat, there’s no end in sight then!