The Roov – Girlfriend

Do you know that box of old 80’s clothing your parents have hidden away in a wardrobe or loft? You might come across it every once in awhile, look at it, have a laugh and then put it away. Well, The Roov took those boxes and embraced them with their hip electronic/pop music.  

Lossiemouth’s The Roov blend together optimistic beats with catchy synthetic choruses and add a hint of nostalgia to the mix. I must highlight how infectious the chorus is with the soprano-esc vocal range from frontman Lewis Anderson really sticking in my mind even after one listen.  

The tracks hit you with this bass and drums build-up that’s so slick you know you’re in for a groovy time. Plenty of effects are put into the instrumentation and vocal work, but I feel this is works to Roov’s advantage as they are creating their ideal and unique sound.  

The sound is catchy 80’s electronics, upbeat bass guitar and catchy modern pop rhythms. It’s one of the most accessible tracks I’ve ever reviewed and one I could see climbing the charts. A four-piece band doing something different and not afraid to break away from the status quo.  

Whilst the music is an onslaught of effects in the background, the vocal work really does stand out here and not just the shared chorus vocals but the verse and pre-chorus adding their own mix of styles. In the verse everything is moving along nicely together and the vocals fill in as their own instrument, but pow, once we’re in the pre-chorus Anderson roars out passionately. 

There are elements of soul and disco thrown into the song and it really encompasses many styles of music enjoyed over the last 40 years. The track feels like a pop song with meaning and feeling which is a rarity these days.  

Girlfriend’s music video really captures the feeling of the song with the use of colours like purple, blue and gold adding a late-night dance club vibe and a hint of nostalgia. The video is well shot and makes a simple working man’s pub look like the hippest place to be on a Saturday night.  

If you’re looking for an exciting and catchy electronic/pop act in 2020 then I present to you The Roov.